About Company

AgileAxis is Re-inventing the IT consulting by providing unique business model where customer, vendor, and contractors goals are aligned to the success of the project.

With our base in US and offshore development centers in India, we are able to leverage the low-cost advantage to provide customized cost-effective IT solutions for our clients across the globe. We take business objective and customer needs into account in order to improve the quality and reduce time and cost significantly.

AgileAxis is founded by a serial entrepreneur Sanjay Jain. Over the 25+ years of his IT career, Sanjay has mastered the effective offshore development strategy. Sanjay co-founded his first company Copiun and served as CTO/VP Engineering for providing overall technology leadership. Copiun enabled mobile business users to securely access, download and share documents by integrating with SharePoint and other corporate repositories on smartphones and tablets. In 2012, Copiun Inc. was acquired by Good Technology in an unsolicited offer which in turn got acquired by BlackBerry.

Welcome to AgileAxis

We provide world-class IT professionals at our off-shore development centre at Jaipur, India.

Our Management

Sanjay Jain
Founder & CEO

Sanjay is an entrepreneurial, passionate, innovation and results-driven technology leader with 25+ years of experience in software industry. He is an expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions to meet critical business needs. He has a proven track record of identifying big business problems, building a successful enterprise mobility product company Copiun Inc. that later got acquired in an unsolicited offer. He is a technology geek and an inventor with seven US patents (4 issued) in various technologies. 

King R. Lee III

King served as the Chairman and CEO of Good Technology from 2010 until 2013 and Executive Chairman until May of 2014. Over the past twenty years he has spent his time doing turnarounds as well as helping companies restructure and reposition for their next stage of growth. He has worked across several industries at the request of investors and boards of directors. During this period he also served as CEO/ President of Quarterdeck Corporation (NASDAQ:QDEK), a leading developer of PC helpware software.

Mr. Lee successfully led the restructuring of Quarterdeck's worldwide operations, leading to an increase in the company's market cap from approximately $50 million to over $800 million. He returned again to the company to successfully lead another restructuring and the subsequent sale of the company to Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC). During the same period he also co-founded and served as the CEO of Wynd Communications, a pioneer in wireless email tailored for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Leaders in IT industry

Focusing on enterprise solutions, iOS & Android mobile app development and web based solutions.

Unique Business Model

Variable Rates

One size doesn't fit all.

Do you give same salary to each of your employees? If not, then why settle for same rate for your contractors. The rate of each contractor is depended upon the skill and experience required.

Custom Hiring

Hire the right candidate for your team

Do you currently have bench in your organization? If not, then why settle for candidates from the bench of your outsource vendors. For long term staff augmentation, we pre-screen right candidate for you. You will take the final interview before we add them to your team.

Quality Focused

World class professionals with focus on quality

At AgileAxis, we believe that all deliverables should meet stringent quality standards. When the software is deployed at your customers, the product has to work with minimal defects.

Overlapped Time Zone

Our engineers will adjust to your business hours

We understand that dealing with outsource vendor in different timezone could be painful to your core team. We provide at-least one hour of daily overlap time during your business hours for critical resources.