Josh Blackwell - VP Engineering, BlackBerry

Sanjay and the team at AgileAxis have been helping Good Technology achieve our product goals for almost two years now. The team is able to meet deadlines with a high level of technical competence and have become a core part of our software development strategy. The communication levels are great and they have become a natural extension to our own internal R&D teams here in California.

Tom Demas – CEO, Eyes-Wide-Open Software

I have worked with AgileAxis on two mobile application development projects now (Qualcomm LTED Feature App & Sterling Black Car Mobile Reservations). Both were complex in nature and required quick ramp-up on 3rd Party API’s and technologies. The teams went above and beyond to over-deliver on both scope and schedule; often times making very valuable suggestions for additional features and enhancements. The teams also work the required hours and times of day to make working with the India time zone possible for us here in the US. Overall a great experience.

Noelle Downing - Product Manager, SLO County Realty Inc.

Sanjay has a unique ability to become an expert in the client’s industry, making AgileAxis an intuitive partner.

Sean Lee - CEO, SLO County Realty Inc.

High level interpretation from Concept to Code. Ability to produce sprint results that complement the client's objectives.